September 25, 2018

The Importance of Business High-Speed Internet

Since 1898, CT Comm has been recognized as an industry leader in the communication world. As soon as the World Wide Web came into being, we adopted the industry and made it our goal to provide the best service possible. We saw the importance of not only providing families access to this technology but also businesses.


In the professional world, business high-speed Internet is the difference between the life and death of a company. It’s that serious. Here’s why…


Relevance. As we all know, one day you can be ahead of the game, and the next—you’re irrelevant. The difference is made if you decide to constantly evolve. We have. Not only for our sakes, but also for our hard-working customers.


We believe that there is enough assistance for “Big Businesses” in the world. Our mission is to pave the path towards success for local businesses.  Take the local Champaign County YMCA for example. In a market flooded by gyms, youth clubs, and sports centers—the YMCA needs business high-speed Internet to stay relevant.


Productivity. Is there anything more frustrating than slow Internet? The “spinning rainbow of death” or the slowly loading webpage is enough to lose your mind and your productivity. Time is money. The longer your employees wait around for Internet, the more hard-earned profit is diminishing.


Collaboration. Gone are the days where teams are limited to a boardroom. Now, location is no longer a hindrance for talent. Are you looking for coders in India, writers in California, designers in Milan, or security in New York?—Now you can have it.


Knowledge. Your company will infinitely benefit from the Internet of things. There is nearly an unlimited amount of data that can be sent or delivered. Talent, skills, know-how, research, facts, and so much more are there for your company’s benefit. If you can’t access it with your business’ high-speed Internet, you will be left behind.


Communication. Business high-speed Internet enables communication. Consider this: a local Urbana, Ohio business, Bootstrap & Co., deals with clients all over the United States and the world. Bootstrap & Co. relies on our business high-speed Internet to maintain their business and provide a high level of service to their clients. We’re proud to assist them.



The small town businesses of central Champaign County, Urbana, and the Village of West Liberty, Ohio are making big city waves. Is your business doing the same?  Find out more about any of our business high-speed Internet plans and discover what local, reliable service means.