August 28, 2018

Fiber Internet. The Future is Now!

Fiber Internet is the future of digital communication. It creates a faster and more reliable Internet connection, dependable phone coverage, and a richer entertainment experience. In recent years, Fiber Internet has created the fastest residential connections.


Fiber-Optic Innovation


In the past, the older and more traditional modes of Internet service, like DSL and cable, transmitted electrical information through copper lines. Originally these were intended to just transmit voice. As we use the online world for more advanced purposes—the technology must also evolve to maintain the pace.


This technical revolution can be found in fiber optic networks. Fiber Internet consists of cables encasing amazingly long and thin strands of glass or plastic. The glass acts as a conduit for flashing lights that blink at designated intervals to relay digital code from one end to the other.


The transmissions of light flash in binary code from one location to the next. The binary number system is the combination of only two numbers—0 being “off” and 1 being “on.” The binary code creates complex patterns that become digital information.


This method of data transmission makes fiber Internet the best option for fast speeds and reliability.


Out with the Old


You may be asking yourself, ‘how can it be so much faster and more reliable?’ For that, I’ll reference the old saying, “you’re only as strong as your weakest link.” The weakest link for Internet speed is often the infrastructure. This is because the speed is a direct result on how much data the infrastructure can handle.


As we mentioned above, traditional copper in DSL and cable simply wasn’t created to handle the vast uses we need today. So naturally, they are limited by the amount of data they can handle.


The other option is satellite Internet. However, satellite’s speed is comparable to both DSL and cable. This is due to the incredible distance satellite information has to transmit.


In with the New


Unlike copper and satellite, fiber optic lines transfer data using light instead of electricity. By doing this, fiber Internet has a much higher bandwidth capacity.


Fiber internet connections work at speeds that are about 100 times faster than those traditional copper wire connections. This makes it more capable to hand multiple devices all hooked up to the same Internet. Where the old technology slows down, Fiber Internet has the ability to maintain speed whether you’re streaming videos, music, or gaming.


A Revolution for Our Community


The best benefit of this new technology is the ability to drive Champaign County into the future.  It’s the resources that our local businesses can use to compete with big business. To give you an idea of how we can help you, read more from our happy customers.


Discover how our Fiber Internet has helped Bootstrap & Co. Creative studio cater to their local and Wall Street customers. Discover how our technology gives the Champaign County Library an upgrade to be relevant to the future generation. Or, find out how it’s helped local stay at home moms through their day, homeschooled kids to complete assignments, and so much more.


So, if you’re looking for an unparalleled digital experience with speed and reliability, you’ll find it in Fiber Internet. Now, all that’s left is to contact your local service provider!