We’re all different and have varying needs. We know this. So, we’ve made our CT Comm plans flexible. With our services, you can choose to be connected wherever you happen live, work, and play.
High-speed Internet, the solution to fast, easy, reliable and affordable Internet service. Get speeds up to 60Mbps (with NO data caps and NO equipment charges), up to 5 email accounts and 24-hour technical support all from your local provider!
Telephone, the service we started our business with, still exists today. And while you can still receive the same basic phone line, we also have plans that have the most cutting-edge advancements of today’s world. We offer unlimited local and long distance calling, optional voicemail, and call manager feature set.
Mix and match our high-speed Internet and phone services to find the right fit for your needs. Find your solution today!

Check out our 2 Year Price Guarantee!

Receive a FREE credit on your bill for referring your friends, family, and neighbors!

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CT Comm has excellent customer service and good, quality rates. We’ve been XpressNet customers for 4 years and are satisfied with our services!

Miranda T., Residential Customer, CT Comm