August 31, 2018

Connecting a Community

Some things can only be found in a small town community.


A local teller that knows your name, a neighbor to let your dogs out at lunch, or a small town candy shop that’s been operated for as long as anyone can remember. Small towns have a sort of community understanding that’s fueled by decency, bordered by rolling fields, and decorated by familiarity. It’s summed up in one word, ‘home.’


Our community is no different. Friends, families, and neighbors—not faceless CEOs—operate the businesses in our local town. For these businessmen and women, we’re their local provider for Internet, phone, and TV. We give them big city technology with small-town service.


Our Hometown Commitment


We’ve taken all the aspects that make a small town community amazing and infused it into our business model.


Since 1898, we have had the privilege of serving the residents and businesses of Champaign County, Urbana, and the Village of West Liberty, Ohio. We bring only the best support and technology to our local customers. So, while you might be located away from the bustling cities, your business can still feel like a Fortune 500 company with lightning speed Internet, reliable connections, and amazing bundles.


We’ve also taken some neighborly advice and stayed true to our friendly roots. We, at CT Comm, do this with real people in our locally based Service & Support Center. So when you have a problem, you can speak to a real person who cares—rather than a robot. Not to mention with our close proximity to customers, we’ll also have you up and running in no time.


Unlike our competitors, we’ve understood the need to be on the cutting edge of technology—but had the sense to keep it personal when it needs to be. After all, we believe that the next generation of technology is more personal than ever.


Community Connections


Our customers can be found all over the community. When you visit your friend’s home, ask about their service—chances are, we’re their provider. Don’t stop there. Ask around the business community as well. Discover how we’ve updated the Champaign County Library, learn how Bootstrap & Co. can serve their global clientele from the comfort of downtown Urbana, and so much more.


To us, it’s all about connecting; friends, family, and businesses. If you want to learn more, just reach out. We’d love to connect!