October 23, 2018

Shop Local and Enjoy the Benefits

Armed with your buying power as a consumer, you have a decision to make: will you shop local?


It’s easy to claim that shopping local can be a huge help without really knowing all the benefits. To make it a simple, clear choice, we’ve listed some of the many benefits.


Reasons to Shop Local


  1. Maintaining Unique Character
    The unique character of your local community is largely defined by the presence of its local businesses. The distinct personality often creates living satisfaction for residents local and gives pride.
  2. Local Economic Stimulus
    When you shop local, the community keeps more money in circulation to stimulate the economy. It also becomes a wonderful domino effect, as locally owned businesses tend to purchase from other local businesses.
  3. More Jobs
    When you shop local you are helping create successful businesses. This means that new jobs will soon be part of your community.
  4. Local Business Owners Invest In Your Community
    Local businesses are owned by people who live in, and are committed to, their community. More often than not, their charity benefits your community’s welfare and future. The bigger the business grows, the more wealth available to distribute the aid to your town.
  5. Customer Service Is Better
    Unlike big businesses, when you shop local you aren’t just a number. Instead, you’re a community member and a valued customer.
  6. You’re Heard
    You can also help to sculpt a local store through your purchasing decisions and feedback. The success of a local business relies on you and your community. You and your feedback are respectfully regarded. Additionally, changes can usually be enacted quickly and efficiently as your opinion is valued.


CT Comm takes local business and businesses very seriously. We bring the same technological advantages that are present with big business to our local communities of central Champaign County, Urbana, and the Village of West Liberty, Ohio. We create the best conditions for success and present them to our local residents and businesses, and value each and every person.


So, the next time you are faced with a buying decision, remember that your decision not only affects you, it affects YOUR WHOLE COMMUNITY.


So, if we could give one piece of advice–shop local!