Emily Huffman

March 23, 2020

CT Comm Issues State of Emergency Plan

As a local business that genuinely cares about the wellbeing of Champaign county, CT Comm wants to ensure that everyone in our community stays up to date on the latest news and safety precautions concerning the COVID-19 virus.


Here are the facts:


  1. On March 9, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine declared an official state of emergency. This declaration is not intended to incite panic, but rather to ensure we all understand the severity of the situation at hand.


  1. As of June 30, the CDC has confirmed 2,581,229 positive cases and 126,739 total fatalities in the Unites States so far. In Ohio, the CDC reports 51,789 confirmed cases and 2,863 deaths.


  1. The virus is believed to have an incubation period of up to 14 days, meaning that it can lie dormant in healthy people who may or may not show symptoms.


  1. The most at-risk individuals are the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. If you fall into either of these categories, you are encouraged to limit your exposure to and interaction with others.


  1. As of Sunday, June 4, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced the reopening of certain facilities including entertainment facilities with health and safety restrictions.


CT Comm is considered a Public Utility by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. This means that the services we provide to our local customer base are regulated and required—even in times of emergency. These past months, we have been actively engaged in our State of Emergency plan and continue to provide Champaign county with the telecommunication services it needs, now more than ever.  We offer the following updates:


As of Monday, July 6, 2020, our lobby will be open again to customers. Following the safety guidelines set forth by the state of Ohio and the Champaign County Health Department and to protect the health and safety of employees and customers, there will be some protocols to be aware of if you decide to visit our office.


  • To accommodate appropriate social distancing, no more than 4 people at a time will be allowed into our lobby—there are designated standing areas provided for you on the lobby floor.
  • We will adhere to strict sanitizing efforts, multiple times throughout the day, and our employees will be wearing masks. We encourage you to wear masks when you visit.


Until further notice, our lobby hours have changed to 9 am to 2 pm Monday thru Friday. Our Customer Service representatives will be available by phone from 8 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday and can be reached at (937) 653-4000, option 0.

If you simply need to make a payment, there are several options:


  1. Drop off payment using one of the provided envelopes at our drop box (located to the right of our front door, or in the parking lot behind the building).
  2. Pay over the phone with a check or credit card. Call 937-653-4000, option 3
  3. Use our SmartHub online payment option. Learn more by clicking this link.



We cannot thank you enough for your patience during our lobby closure and are looking forward to seeing you!  Thank you, as always, for your continued business.


CT Comm Customer Service
(937) 653-4000

Hours: Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm

[email protected]