First Time Activation


Please Note: This must be done from the telephone line that the voicemail service is being used on.

  • Dial *95 from your phone line
  • You will be asked to enter your default PIN, which is: 000000
  • You will be asked to record your greeting or use your recorded name or phone number. (Your personal greeting must be longer than 2 seconds and shorter than 30 seconds.)
  • You are prompted to record your name. (You must take less than 10 seconds to record your name.)
  • You will now be redirected to the Main Menu

To change your PIN number

  • From the main menu, select Option 4 “Change your mailbox settings”
  • Select Option 3 “Security”, followed by Option 1 “PIN”
  • Enter the new PIN number and then re-enter the new PIN number

Checking Your Voicemail
From your home phone line

  • Dial *95 & enter your PIN

From another phone line or cell phone

  • Dial (937) 653-6342 or (937) 650-6342. When prompted, enter your 10-digit phone number, followed by the “#” key. Next, enter your voicemail PIN and press the “#” key.