If you have an incoming call while you are already on the line, the Call Waiting feature will sound a tone to alert you. This feature allows you to answer the second call while keeping the first caller on hold. You may then switch back and forth between the callers.

Here’s How Your Call Waiting Feature Alerts You

  • A beep tone tells you another call is waiting. Only you can hear this tone.
  • Another reminder tone will be heard 10 seconds later if the waiting call remains unanswered.
  • The second incoming caller hears the normal ringing tone only.

To Answer the Second Call

  • Depress the switchhook/plunger for about one second to place your first call on hold. (for a cordless phone press the flash button)
  • You will automatically be connected with the second caller.

To Alternate Between Calls

  • By depressing the switchhook/plunger for about a second, you may alternate between calls.
  • Each conversation is private and cannot be heard by the other caller.

To Terminate Either Call

  • Simply hang up.
  • Your telephone will then ring.
  • When you answer it, you’ll be connected with the other caller.

To Disable Call Waiting for a Single Call Before You Make A Call

  • Lift the receiver.
  • Press *70
  • Dial normally