This service lets you track harassing phone calls, by dialing a simple code to trace the source. This information is then available for the appropriate law enforcement department for use in prosecution.

How to use 

  • When you get a nuisance call, depress the switch hook. Listen for a special dial tone.
  • If you have already hung up, just lift the handset again and listen for a normal dial tone. Dial *57. (On a rotary phone, dial 1157)
  • Listen for a confirmation announcement that the last call has been traced. Hang up.
  • The number you traced will be recorded at the phone company. If you decide to follow up on the matter, we will provide that number to the local authorities.

Very Important

  • Call Trace must be used immediately after you hang up on the call you want traced. If you get another call, or hear a Call Waiting tone first, you will trace the wrong call.
  • Record the date, and time of each successful trace.