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February 9, 2018

My faxes are not getting through and no matter how many times I open a trouble ticket, the problem seems to return. What can be done about this?

Unfortunately, faxes are becoming more and more difficult to use over the long-distance phone network, as more carriers convert to using VOIP technology to manage call volume. VOIP has protocols that are designed to support modem/fax communications, however, those of us in the industry have noticed that these protocols have not been as reliable as the legacy technologies of the 1990s. Additionally, carriers have started to refuse to take trouble calls from local phone companies when the trouble is a matter of faxes not synching. This refusal leaves the local carrier with no approach to resolve the issue. As a workaround, customers should consider if they can utilize alternatives such as email in place of faxes. If they cannot, there are online fax services that are built specifically to support fax communications. Subscribing to these services would provide a higher success rate for long distance faxing.