Emily Huffman

March 18, 2020

CT Comm to Suspend Disconnections for Non-Payment During COVID-19 Pandemic

URBANA, OH, 03/18/2020—CT COMM announced today that it will voluntarily suspend service disconnections for non-payment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, effective immediately. This suspension is for residential and business customers throughout its service area. Customers are also able to make payment arrangements for their bills by calling 937.653.4000, option 0 for Customer Service.


“CT COMM understands that maintaining all services for every customer is of the utmost importance at this challenging time,” said Tim Bolander, President of CT COMM.

“We are taking additional steps to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and employees in the meantime as well,” he said.


CT COMM has implemented the following as a response to the pandemic:

  • CT COMM is in regular contact with local emergency authorities at the Champaign County Health Department to continue monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic progression. By working with local officials and following the Ohio Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control’s advice, CT COMM is hopeful to help mitigate any community spread.


  • CT COMM employees are taking proper steps to keep themselves and our customers safe by practicing good hygiene and hand washing, as well as sanitizing work surfaces and equipment.


  • CT COMM lobby closed to the public effective the end of business on Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice to protect customers and employees.


  • To ease the spread of COVID-19, mission-critical employees whose positions allow it are able to work from home.


  • CT COMM mission-critical employees who must be available in person to work are taking additional precautions to minimize exposure and spread of COVID-19.


  • Above all, to maintain the health and safety of all customers and employees, should an outbreak occur in our service area, CT COMM has a plan in place to suspend all non-emergency work.


“As we all learn more about the COVID-19 pandemic, it is paramount that we do our best to prevent the spread, while ensuring our customers are able to work from home, complete school work, and maintain their own safety and well-being,” said Tim Bolander.



Emily Huffman
Customer Service & Sales Manager
CT Comm
Phone: (937) 653-4000; Email: [email protected]



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