Emily Huffman

June 11, 2020

CT Comm: the MVP of ISPs

With new “smart” devices coming out seemingly every day and technology continuing to evolve at a rapid rate, you’d be hard pressed to go an entire day without plugging in to the virtual infrastructure one way or another. These days, the majority of people are using modern technologies in their homes. Smart speakers can wake you up with your favorite podcast, and WiFi-enabled coffeepots can learn your schedule and automatically brew a fresh cup of coffee for you every morning. The future is now!


Even though 80% of internet users own a smartphone, one study found that two-thirds of users still prefer to connect over WiFi rather than mobile internet connections like 4G LTE. Connecting on the go is convenient and often necessary, but outfitting a device with mobile connection capabilities will never take precedence over accessing the internet from the comfort of your own home. This spells good news for internet service providers (ISP) like CT Comm. As we look forward to the continued growth of the wireless age in 2020, we do so knowing that our connection services have become more critical than ever before.


In such a technology-driven era, it’s easy for consumers to grasp the obvious need for internet service in their homes and businesses. But with so many providers to choose from, how can customers make sure they’re picking the one that will best suit their specific connection needs? With increasingly numerous and sophisticated devices to connect, how can consumers and providers establish a baseline industry standard that customers can use to define expectations?


Don’t let the uncertainty overwhelm you—we’ve got you covered. Let us help you streamline your selection process so you can get connected sooner rather than later.


A good place to start is, well, right where you are. Your ISP selection is contingent upon local availability. Not all providers are suited to or even present in your area, so identifying the main players is the natural first step. As is the case with nearly every other type of business: the more local, the better. Big companies can “wow” customers with flashy marketing and misleading contracts—but to them their customers are never more than a faceless number. When you support local internet providers on the other hand, you come onboard with the confidence that your business is valued, and that your needs will be met. Because local companies depend more upon the satisfaction of their smaller customer base, they actually care about the communities they serve and actively want to provide them with the best experience possible.


Speaking of flashy advertising, that discounted bundle package you saw in an online ad or on a billboard is rarely the product you’ll actually be delivered when all is said and done. Be wary of ISPs promoting too-good-to-be-true deals—more often than not they’re exactly that.


Next, take some time to consider how you use the internet. Do you need service for a residence or for a business? Is it just you, or will your entire family be using the same network? Do you mostly browse or are you actively exchanging emails/uploading to social media? Are there any videogaming enthusiasts in the household? Check out our recent blog for more information on how to determine the minimum internet speed for your connection lifestyle.


Now that you have a bit more context on your need for speed, you’ll be able to more easily communicate your expectations to your potential ISP. And what is it exactly that you should expect? Nothing short of excellence.


At CT Comm, we’re proud to offer just that. For over 120 years we’ve been putting the residents of our own Champaign County second to none, refusing to deliver anything but the very best in client satisfaction with consistent, dependable, local service. Because we’re local, we value getting to know our customer family and seeing firsthand how our services allow them to enrich their lives in new and exciting ways.


So, don’t delay! CT Comm is the ISP to cater to the needs of your family or business. Head to our high speed internet page to find a plan tailored to your internet usage so you can get started connecting globally, locally.


As always, don’t forget to support your local businesses!