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February 9, 2018

My service plan states I should get 15 MB download speeds, but there are times I do not get it. Why am I not getting what my plan says I should receive?

Please refer to the speed test FAQ to determine what bandwidth you are receiving.  Also, keep in mind that all service plans are stated as being “up to” a maximum amount of bandwidth.  While CT Comm does attempt to provide the plan’s bandwidth from the customer’s location to our central facility, there are many factors that are out of CT Comm’s control when it comes to bandwidth to specific sites.   Congestion during high usage time periods are unavoidable.  CT Comm is constantly updating its network to keep in step with bandwidth demand during peak times.

Unfortunately, there are some areas where CT Comm cannot provide the bandwidth as advertised on our baseline plan.  As we continue to update our infrastructure, this issue will get resolved.  CT Customer Service is willing to work with customer’s affected by this limitation of being placed on a reduced plan.