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February 9, 2018

How do I manage port forwarding on CT Comm’s Internet service or gain access to the modem?

CT Comm does not currently provide customers with management access to our modem, however, CT Comm does offer a “bypass” service in which the customer can supply their own router to manage advanced services, such as port forwarding.   It is important to note that CT Comm does not support customer-owned modems for our service.  CT Comm will always provide the modem that connects to our network.

When in “bypass” mode, CT Comm’s modem will not provide network support elements, such as NAT or DHCP, to the customer’s network.  All of these services would be managed by the customer’s router, which plugs into the modem.  PPoE credentials will be provided to the customer in order for them to program their router to gain access to the Internet.  Our Internet Support Department will be happy to assist in managing the customer through this process.