Emily Huffman

April 13, 2020

CT Comm Keeps You Connected during COVID-19

With new and necessary restrictions becoming the norm under COVID-19, the world has slowed down. People are looking for ways to stay connected without breaking social isolation.


The residential and business communities of central Champaign County, Urbana, and the Village of West Liberty, Ohio are trusting CT Comm to keep them connected and updated.


Technology Helps Our Community Stay Connected


Technology is the closest thing our world has to magic. We have the power to connect with loved ones a world away, doctors in other cities, remote workforces, and more—all with just a few clicks. And that’s only one field of technology.


We at CT Comm want to take full advantage of this magic; while we’re all away from normality, we make sure that we all remain connected to the ones we care about most.


Increasing Bandwidth


In order to videoconference with coworkers and loved ones, you’ll want to consider your bandwidth. Generally, video streaming requires download speeds of around 3 Mbps and upload speeds of at least 0.5 Mbps. For comparison, general browsing can be done with as little as 1 Mbps.


Something else to consider: it’s almost guaranteed that your home Internet connection is in greater use now than it was before social isolation. With unprecedented amounts of time at home, your personal Internet connection may see an increase in live-streaming TV, music streaming, general browsing, and more.


For more information on our bundles and services, visit our website or speak with one of our representatives today at (937) 653.4000.


Service You can Count On


To make sure that we continue to operate smoothly, CT Comm has implemented new policies during COVID-19 to keep all our customers connected and up-to-date with what matters most to them.


Now more than ever the world is looking to stay connected with loved ones—let CT Comm help. To start enjoying CT Comm’s service, please call us at (937) 653.4000 or email [email protected].