Emily Huffman

February 27, 2020

Celebrating Local Philanthropy


For over a century, CT Comm’s top priority has been to connect the residents of our local community both to one another and to the world around them, enriching their lives in the process. That’s why we’re proud to be serving Urbana’s own Caring Kitchen, an organization that gives hope to so many individuals in the Champaign County community.


In equipping the Caring Kitchen with our first-rate services, we’ve enabled the shelter to expand its donation network by connecting with more people than ever before, in and outside of Champaign County. We at CT Comm are humbled to have been able to play our small role in supporting an institution that’s affecting so much positive change right in our neighborhood.


Want to do your part? The Caring Kitchen is always accepting new volunteers and donations.


If your household or business is in need of updated Internet, phone, or TV services, CT Comm invites you to GO LOCAL and reach out to us today! Remember: we’re all in this together.