January 11, 2019

5 Reasons Your Wireless Internet Might Not be Working



Hopefully, that isn’t the word that immediately comes to your mind when you search for “reasons your internet isn’t working” on Google. But, if it is, we understand why. Most articles on the internet surrounding this topic are, well, written by people working telecommunications—which by default means that most of the information out there about “technical stuff” is written in a complex, complicated way. These bloggers can’t help it, they are simply accustomed to using terminology that, unbeknownst to them, is difficult for the average person to understand.


And so are we. But don’t worry! This is meant to be an easy-to-understand, simplified tool for helping you understand some of the common problems that can be the culprit for an ill-functioning wireless network connection.


As Jon Martindale, a writer for Digital Trends, so cleverly said,


“Wireless internet is like electricity. You only notice it exists when it stops working.”


Yes, that sounds about right! But don’t panic! We will give you a list of 5 simple things you can troubleshoot on your own—without waiting days for a tech to show up.


BUT, let’s put first things first:


Are You a CT Comm Customer? Using a CT Comm wireless router?

When customers use CT Comm equipment, we strongly caution against customers taking troubleshooting into their own hands.* The truth is, when it comes to moving routers or resetting them, it usually results in an outage that requires help from a CT Comm tech.** If you are using a CT Comm wireless router, please call our 24/7 Help Desk! The following tips and tricks only apply to those CT Comm customers (or others outside the CT Comm service area) who own their own routers. If that is you, well then, read on!


Did You Set Up Your Router Correctly?

We know, we know, that probably sounds like a stupid question, right??? If you aren’t sure, you may want to reset your router to factory settings. You can then try setting up the router from scratch, and we’d advise following this guide to get it all set up manually. Nowadays, however, many people decide to set up their router without a computer. If that is your situation, you’ll probably want to read these instructions instead. Now, take a deep breath…you can do this! It’s not as complicated as it appears!


Does your router need to be moved?

Probably sounds like yet another silly sounding question, right? But, you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t think to check this! So, check your router location. It’s just that simple. If your router is in a far corner of your house or apartment, it’s possible it simply needs to be moved to a more centralized location. Big home? Make sure your living space is not too large for one router to handle. If it is, consider getting a repeater or setting up a second wireless access point.


Remove Those Pesky Barriers…Or Not

Unfortunately, there are some materials that can prohibit the signal you want. For example, concrete walls, brick or stone walls, foil-backed insulation, some types of wallpaper, etc. can all play a part in weakening your signal. If you suspect those types of issues are occurring, go ahead and take down a wall. Just kidding! Instead, simply try using a Wi-Fi repeater, or moving your router to a different location within the house. Have we said that enough already?!


Is it Getting a Little Crowded in Here?

While we hate to encourage you to spy on your neighbors, this might be one instance where you need to see who exactly is using your wireless internet. Slow internet connections might be a direct result of too many neighbors stealing the interneton your dime. Ultimately, this leads to slower internet speeds and leads to frustration, and no one wants that! To read an easy tutorial for how to keep your Wi-Fi secure, we recommend reading this.


Do You Feel Like You’re Beating a Dead Horse?

While it may be easy to blame your Internet provider for a poor signal, there are occasions where a simple problem is preventing your internet from running the way it should be. Sometimes, this can be something as little as a dead router. Yep, it’s true. Unfortunately, your router isn’t going to tell you it’s dead. So set aside that frustration, and get to work problem-solving. You never know, it might be as simple as replacing your hardware. This article by Make Tech Easier is great for guiding you through the steps needed to test the “livelihood” of your router.


Did You Forget Your Password?

That stubborn password just isn’t working. We know, it happens to the best of us. If you can’t remember your password, you need to reset your router. Using a paperclip, press and hold the switch on your router for 30 seconds. This will force your router to default to its factory settings. You can then refer to the guide referenced above for setting up that router. Just make sure to properly secure your Internet by creating a new password…and this time, write your password down!


Hopefully, these tips and tricks help you to inspect your network a bit more closely before calling a service tech. However, if after simple troubleshooting, you cannot identify the problem, don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing crew at CT COMM, where we are always ready and willing to come to the rescue!


Ultimately, you may just need a better Internet Service Provider. If you are not a customer of CT COMM, we’d encourage you to review our flexible Internet plan options. No one wants to be just a number, especially not when it comes to getting their network serviced.


Go local…where great service is just around the corner!!



*Please note, moving or resetting any CT Comm equipment could result in an outage requiring technical assistance.


**We have friendly techs who are willing to troubleshoot 24/7. If you need help from one of our techs, please call 937-653-4000 and select option 2.